Project understanding and scope confirmation

Our team gains a complete in depth understanding of your project. Upon confirmation of the technical requirements, we agree on the scope of work (SOW).


Time and Cost

For a well defined scope, we can present a time and cost for the development of your project. If our clients prefer, we also agree on signing a Non Disclosure Agreement.


Project Plan & Kick-Off Meeting

Our Technical Directors and Project Leaders get together to lay out an efficient and realistic solutions oriented project plan. They have a project kick off meeting with team members who are chosen depending on their skills & experience as per the project requirement. We use Basecamp for Project Management where all the tasks, milestones and timeline are assigned. Most of the time, clients are also given access to their Basecamp project so that they can monitor progress daily.

Development & Project Communication

Most of the projects are developed on our staging server which does not have our domain name associated. We have dedicated Project Managers who would serve as a single point of contact during entire project development. We communicate through phone, email or Skype.


Functionality, Front end browser and device testing

Quality control is our expertise. We have dedicated staff members who check functionality and front end browser testing on all major devices such as IE8+, Chrome, Safari and Fire Fox. We have all the latest modern smart phones and tablet for our team to run QA/QC.


Warranty & Bug Hunt

We stand behind our work. Any issues within 3 months of post production that fall within our scope of work, are fixed at no extra cost provided that our code has been kept intact. We respond quickly to any urgent inquiries and provide fanatic customer service support.