Automated inventory control systems work by scanning a barcode on the item. A barcode scanner is used to read the barcode, and the information encoded by the barcode is read by the machine. This information is then tracked by a central computer system. For example, a purchase order may contain a list of items to be pulled for shopping. Our inventory system is web based solution having user roles to assign permissions. Can be deployed on a store with multiple checkout corners. Main advantage is store owner can check the sales and reports online from anywhere.


Summary of the system provided in the Dashboard. Quick links to access important pages are also in this page.

Below are the sub modules which allow user to do settings in different areas.

  • SMS Settings
  • Holiday Settings
  • Working Days
  • System Settings
  • User Roles
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Item’s Category
  • Manage Items
  • Maintain Stock
  • Generate Vouchers
  • Sale Order
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Transaction Reports
  • Customers Report
  • Vendors Report


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