Network security helps protect your workstations from harmful spyware and other malicious software. Before you connect to a corporate network, ensure you’ve backed up your system and know how to protect yourself if your device is compromised, if anything, it is always recommended to connect to a network that’s backed up by a SD-WAN solution.

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Protect your system from spyware before you connect to corporate networks

If you haven’t already installed a software solution, check your security settings and make sure that your employee needs to log in. Check the software vendor’s website for the latest software updates and recommendations. The best way to fight spyware is to install and follow the recommendations carefully.

Protect your device before connecting to corporate networks

The best way to deal with spyware is to remove it completely before connecting to corporate networks. Remove spyware for business or personal use on your device by following these steps:

First, run a security scan on your device using anti-spyware and anti-virus software. If necessary, update the software to eliminate known spyware. If there’s any malware on your computer or smartphone, you should uninstall it as well.

Connect your device to your corporate network by using a wired or wireless connection. Make sure you’re connected to the appropriate port on the router.

Double-check the username and password and make sure they’re correct.

Next, open your device’s Settings app and tap on Security. Tap on Uninstall a program, and then Uninstall unwanted software.

Tap Next, and check the box to remove spyware.

Remove spyware from your computer by following these steps:

Open the Start menu and search for “Run” if your computer doesn’t start automatically. Alternatively, type “cmd” into the Start search field to locate it. Type the following command: bcdedit /deletevalue Perform a test to ensure that your machine is clean. If you get any prompts or errors, delete all the files listed in the command. Close the cmd window. Restart your computer. If the program deletes any files, restart it by pressing the Windows key + R.

Before you disconnect from the corporate network

Deactivate spyware before connecting to the corporate network

You can turn off the Wi-Fi hotspot feature on your devices to prevent them from connecting to the corporate network.

To deactivate the hotspot:

Open your device’s Settings app. Tap on Wi-Fi. Tap on the toggle next to “Notification area” to turn it off.

Once the hot spot feature is deactivated, you’ll no longer be able to connect to the corporate network. You’ll also no longer have access to user names and passwords from their accounts on the device.

Restart your device and follow the steps below to reconnect to the corporate network.